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Well, this one of the most famous book has ended.The 7th “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
is the last one of a series of seven fantasy novels.
Actually i began to read these books when i was a Junior student.At that time, Harry Pooter had
pulished the 4th one”Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire“.I spent about 5days to read the first 4
books.I coundnt stop cuz these books were so interesting!J.K.Rowling finished a book every 2 years.
And now these books end finally.Suddenly i feel a little emptiness cuz i have no books to wait any
more.I m the fan of these books for nearly 7years.i hope J.K.Rowling can go on writing a series of
the novels.
I m a big fan!




Have you ever seen the programme which name is “So you think you can dance”?
It’s very hot in America, like “American Idol”, everyone can show themselves,
everyone can prove themselves.
  Maybe you are not a dancer, you don’t know how to dance, but you can also enjoy
it. Dancing is cross natural boundaries, every kind of dancing is very wonderful.
I like Katee and Joshua’s Bollywood, full of foreign country romantic feelings.
And I also like Mark and Chelsie’s “Bleeding love”, because it’s a story between
lover and enterprise. When man put his heart into his enterprise, what can you do ?
  Before I see this programme, I just like hip-pop, but now I like other kinds of
dancing by this programme, for example, Argentine Tango, you can feel the passion
through the tight tiptoes and straight legs. Cha-cha,  vigorous gyrations of the
crotch opens out the vitality.



Do you know what is the disease of daffodil?Let me tell you a story.

Long long ago,there was a prince,he was very handsome.He thought that he was the most beautiful person in the world,noone was more handsome than him.He looked at the mirror every day.One day, he walked along a river by horse, suddenly he saw his simulacrum and inebriated.He wanted to touch his simulacrum,but he fell into the river by accident.At the side of the river,the place where he died, came out a very beautiful flower,this was daffodil.

Now you must have known what the disease of daffodil is,it is self-love.

In fact , I think everybody loves himself or herself more or less,it is very common, but if there are only yourself in your eyes,I suggest you’d better walk out your own world.Because everyone has his strong suit,there is an old saying in China”As three men are walking together,one of them is bound to be good enough to act as my teacher.” Don’t live in your own world,then anything could happen if you take a chance.

Are you a real daffodil?I hope the answer is “no”.


2214Recently a joke is popular on network.It is about marriage hunting of a girl.She posts the two primary

requests on network.One is that her future husband should be handsome. The other is her future

husband should have lots of money .When she puts her first request into computer . The result is ”chinese

chess”.When she puts the second request into computer. The result is ”bank” .The gril isnt still satisfied.

She puts another requst into computer which is strong and tall . The result is ”ULTRAMAN”.The last,

She puts all of the requests into computer . It is the result that ULTRAMAN chess in bank.

Ha Ha ~.
  <<If You Are The One>> talks about a marriage hunting story mainly . The protagonist who

is a great middle age  returnee (Qin Fen) meets a beautiful stewardess (xiao xiao) in

the process of marriage hunting. These two persons who are going down in the world love each other

at last .
  The first half of story is a comedy.However The rest of this story actually has wrapped

the breath of lost and despair .In the end, the result of movie makes people feel warm and comfortable 

It looks like your wife hand over a cup of tea to you in this cold winter after watching this flim .

And also this result soothes all the frustrated person’s soul .
  Feng Xiao Gang tells us what a love is, what is friendship with the move’s form.

We need person accompanying Whom we trust . That is love.We need the selflessness which

we can trust. That is friendship. is a friend to all the payers .It is the most reliable web site . It is the

selflessness friendship to players.

13Chinese Spring Festival coming.As a Chinese who have lived in America about 10 years. ,i specially take attention to this big festival.And my company promises to let me have 7 days’ holiday during Spring Festival.I am so glad that i have listed the plan about how to pass my holiday.It is very execiting thing to spend my chinese new year comfortably with all my compatriot.

Chinese New Year’s Eve.I think this day is the most important day to all chinese. Especially at the night ,all of chinese will have a sumptuous feast with their families . Chinese lunar year Eve Family reunion dinner is very famous. It is a possiblity that you have heared about it .Of course , at this night i aslo stay at home with my parents to have a sumptuous feast .I expect it will be impressive time . Oh! i nearly forget an important program at this night.That is New Year’s Eve entertainment . Because of the time difference, i should watch TV at New year’s Eve Night .It is warm and fragrant to watch New Year’s Eve entertainment while eating dumplings whith my parents. 

In lunar January,I remember that Chinses will get up early to send their best wishes to villagers from house to house in my child .However i am in America now . I miss the days of Spring Festival very much . Just as a chinese saying goes:Their loved ones during the festive season.I have decided that in that day i will send my best wishes to all of my friends and relatives in china by phone .

In the second day of lunar January,I want to shop with my girl friend. To tell the truth, there is a long time i dont accompany with my girl friend. I think she should be angry now.

In the Third day of lunar January.I will make the plan in 2009 and summarize the passed 2008. The rest day of holidays.I want to stay with myself,and play network games alone , also buying some game currency online. I can introduce a web site to you , if you want to buy gold . It is It is the best reliable web site i have meet . At last , i hope all of chinese can have a good holiday in Spring Festival .More message about chinese Spring Festival , please go to


12I never set foot in any online computer games before i join in this company.I thought only children like
playing those online games.

  But i changed my opinoin after i played runescape these days.It’s so easy and interesting!Without downloading client,
just click  the botton “play now” after you create an accout and you will enjoy all the fun of this game.

  On the basic of java,there are different kinds of versions, including HD,SD and so on.You can choose any versions
according to the RAM of your computer.

  When I was first in this game,i was led by the tutor NPC to finish all the basic skills,such as firing,cooking,
fishing, cutting,etc.I was not so puzzled as the beginning after finishing these skills.U can talk to NPC and work for
him or her.When u finish the work,u will get some golds or items.

  I like cooking and cutting down trees.It’s easy and quite interesting.Always i picked up lots of beef or chicken
and then cooked them.Maybe sometimes the beef or chicken are burnt accidentally.When the HP was low,i ate
the cooked food.It helps to feel more healthy.Otherwise i sold the food to shopkeeper or his assistant when there is
no space in my inventury.Cutting down trees is so easy and lvl-up quickly.When cutting lvl comes to 15,u can cut down
oak trees and get oak logs.

  If u want to update combat lvl quickly,u’d better get more tasks from NPC and try to do different kinds of work.Complex
and difficult jobs lead to high combat level.Usually i prefer attacking goblins,mining,hunting,constructing and farming.
Burying bones helps to lvl up pray point.When u die,some prayer collapse the gravestone and u will be reborn.
  Also i have many friends in this game.They come from different countries with different ages.All of them get fun form
runescape.we talked about anything in the game,such as school,career,family,society,life and so on.Sometimes i played
together with them.It helps to lvl up so fast.What’s more we often trade each other with our own inventury.

 3 What’s bad ive heared some bad complains about RS.Some players wanted to buy coins from us to buy some
more advanced inventuries but failed for they are not so high level!what a pity!!!!!!!Their accouts often got banned by GM.
I cant understand!It’s only a game.People want to get fun from it and feel relaxed in it.Most of us have to study or work
in week days.We dont want to spend so much time on lvling up.It’s so boring!!!!!!!!

 By the way,the music in runescape is so noisy!!!!!!!!!I dont like it at all!!!!!!!!!!

images1Althought in the past times the global financial crisis affected the capital market confidence

and some tradition economy development , i have some my own opinion about game

industry in the future .
  In this financial crisis, there is big difference between network game industry and traditional

economy . In the past of 2008, entity economy has come under financial crisis’s influence

generally.Especially small and medium-sized enterprises which export to EU and America market.As

well as some finance organ and Capital intensity enterprise and a lot of IT enterprises.They all

face the speed-up to slide and  even the negative growth crisis.But about the network game

industry, the overwhelming majority leading companys still maintain the fast achievement 

development in 2008.According to this evidence , i expect that in 2009 network

game industry will bring a spring season probably.

  People will have more idle time in economic crisis’s time.Simultaneously they will pursue the

more inexpensive entertainment that is network game . Only needing to spend several dozens dollar

,network game obviously is a very good entertainment choice.There is also another reason . When

they cut the disbursement, will also arrange the network game’s disbursement at the final several


  More and more person contacting network, Policy support, Network game and community culture 

fusion together as well as technology advancement .All of these reasons will encourage game

industry improvement . More message about financial crisis to game industry , please log in



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