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My experience about playing runescape

Posted on: January 13, 2009

12I never set foot in any online computer games before i join in this company.I thought only children like
playing those online games.

  But i changed my opinoin after i played runescape these days.It’s so easy and interesting!Without downloading client,
just click  the botton “play now” after you create an accout and you will enjoy all the fun of this game.

  On the basic of java,there are different kinds of versions, including HD,SD and so on.You can choose any versions
according to the RAM of your computer.

  When I was first in this game,i was led by the tutor NPC to finish all the basic skills,such as firing,cooking,
fishing, cutting,etc.I was not so puzzled as the beginning after finishing these skills.U can talk to NPC and work for
him or her.When u finish the work,u will get some golds or items.

  I like cooking and cutting down trees.It’s easy and quite interesting.Always i picked up lots of beef or chicken
and then cooked them.Maybe sometimes the beef or chicken are burnt accidentally.When the HP was low,i ate
the cooked food.It helps to feel more healthy.Otherwise i sold the food to shopkeeper or his assistant when there is
no space in my inventury.Cutting down trees is so easy and lvl-up quickly.When cutting lvl comes to 15,u can cut down
oak trees and get oak logs.

  If u want to update combat lvl quickly,u’d better get more tasks from NPC and try to do different kinds of work.Complex
and difficult jobs lead to high combat level.Usually i prefer attacking goblins,mining,hunting,constructing and farming.
Burying bones helps to lvl up pray point.When u die,some prayer collapse the gravestone and u will be reborn.
  Also i have many friends in this game.They come from different countries with different ages.All of them get fun form
runescape.we talked about anything in the game,such as school,career,family,society,life and so on.Sometimes i played
together with them.It helps to lvl up so fast.What’s more we often trade each other with our own inventury.

 3 What’s bad ive heared some bad complains about RS.Some players wanted to buy coins from us to buy some
more advanced inventuries but failed for they are not so high level!what a pity!!!!!!!Their accouts often got banned by GM.
I cant understand!It’s only a game.People want to get fun from it and feel relaxed in it.Most of us have to study or work
in week days.We dont want to spend so much time on lvling up.It’s so boring!!!!!!!!

 By the way,the music in runescape is so noisy!!!!!!!!!I dont like it at all!!!!!!!!!!


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