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An Ugly Child

Posted on: February 5, 2009


When I was born ,the whole world was quiet,my pity mom adopted me and cried,because she knew her daughter’s life will full of sadness. My mom died in childbirth,she didn’t close her eyes until she died,the only reason was me ,her little baby. Because half of my face was covered with purple speckle. When i could remember everything,my memory was full of laugh,disdain and averseness. No one loved me , I knew ,including my dad,I did all of the housework and did what he told me, but he never called my name,maybe I didn’t have a name. Every child threw stones to me ,the only thing I could was just hiding at a corner and crying .I didn’t have a friend ,my childhood was fulled of lonely. I liked going to the plain,because there was nobody looking at me with hate in their eyes.Feeling the breeze,smelling the potpourri and listening the whisper between birds.this was my heaven. But one day ,I saw a beautiful lady with blond hair and blue eyes,riding a white horse,like an angel.she looked at me ,I was so surprise that she wasn’t scared of my appearance.Suddenly she smiled ,liked all of the stars fell into her eyes,she walked nearby and said,”You are so beautiful.” “No , everyone calls me ugly girl.”I whimpered. “What a pity !They can’t see your inbeing,believe me , you are not an ugly girl,you are the most beautiful butterfly in the world..” “Really?”I confused. “Remember what Isaid today.”Then she walked away,I just stayed where I was. “Did she say I’m beautiful?Maybe it’s my hallucination .”I said to myself. After few months,I nearly forgot this thing, some thing happened that could change my life.


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