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An Ugly Child 2

Posted on: February 8, 2009


One day ,when I came back from the plain,I saw many villagers surrounded my house,I didn’t
know what happened.Suddenly a villager saw me and shouted,”Catch her!”I ran away by instinct,
but they barred the road ,I was caught by them , even I didn’t know what happened.Then i saw my
father went down on his knees and invoked them,I shocked.
  “Please let her go,she is just a child!”My father invoked.
  “No ,she is a devil,we have to watch her burn to death!”
  “Release Me !I’m not a devil!”I shouted and struggled with them.
  One of the villagers shouted,”If you are not the devil ,why  isn’t our village in peace?Aridity
and calamity,elders say you cause them,look at your face, it’s the proof of devil!”
  What a hoot!Just because of my  appearance ,they want to burn me!
  When I was tied on the cross,I know it’s my doomsday.Before I closed my eyes,I saw my dad,he
shakily,looeked at me despairingly.Suddenly , I knew, he always loved me .
  The villagers began to burn the firewood,I looked at them ,then I smiled,”Dad, I love you.”
  A golden of sun went out the fire and shined me ,so warm .I saw a crowd of purple butterflies
flied around me.After 30years,when the villagers recalled that day ,they didn’t forget the beautiful
condition,a huge purper butterfly emerging from the girl,as the girl as a butterfly.
   I could’t believed , all the villagers genuflected on the floor and said fairy.I knew magic
something happened on my body.I looked at my father ,tears streaming down his cheeks.


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