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The Goodness Death I

Posted on: February 9, 2009

  There are five countries in the Tian land:Gold Empire in the north,Grand Empire in the South,sun
-set Empire in the west and the Federation in the East.While in the center of the four countries ,
there is a hexagonal land .That is the most famous sacred Holy See.Besides the Sunset Empire doesnt
get along well with Grand Empire,the other countries are in peace.Every year,all the countries will
hand in the tax to Holy See.
  Nearly all the people in Gold Empire are all white people with the tall body and the yellow hair.
The people in Grand Empire are all yellow people with the black hair.While there are yellow,white
and black people in the Federation,including the heterogeneity.
  Besides the human beings, there are a lot of other kinds of race living in the land,such as the
goodness Fairy,illtempered Dwarves,lwings,Half-Orc,Dark race and the legendary Dragon.These races
with small population are dispersed all over the Tian land getting along well with the human beings
in the past thousand years.Cause of the different custom,the heterogeneity always live in the valley
or the forest with few human.
  Although the Holy See only inhabit a small area,in the land,the Holy See have the supreme status.
Except few antitheist,nealy all the human beings are all the adherents of Holy See.Priesthood is
the most honorable career.In the Holy See,the Holy Father has the paramountcy.The four scarlet bishop
help the Holy Father to deal with the affairs.Under the scarlet bishop there are twelve white bishop
.Under the white bishop, there are senior bishop,mid bishop,common bishop and prearrangement bishop.





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I will update the novel every two days lol

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  • usmmo: I will update the novel every two days lol
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