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The Goodness DeathⅡ

Posted on: February 10, 2009

  In the land, they have the uniform currency which is made by Holy See:one diamond coin=ten purple
crystal coin=one hundred gold coin=one thousand silver coin=ten thousand copper coin.A common family’s
earning is around 50 gold coins.
  The four countries have their own language,while in the big city and the nobel,they always communicate
with the Holy See language.Our story will start from the smallest city Nino of Gold Empire.
  Nino city locates in the north of province,it the coldest city in Gold Empire.Most people here always
make their lives by catching fishes.
  The cloud over the sky is moving slowly,it seems to snow later.In the dull alleyway,several persons
in old and shabby wadded jacket enclose together.thereinto,a mid-age person with a scar,is galting
at a 12-year- old girl with big black eyes.The girl is very thin,with a face as pale as wax.Her eyes
look at the mid-age man in fear.
  “poop”,the man hit the girl down by hand,snarling:”you damn girl,stupid!you even cant finish this
easy mission.You might say sorry to the old woman if Dai didnt pull you back! why i took in you ,a
  The taller boy beside the man helps the girl up,clean the blood at the corners of her mouth,saying
“Lee uncle,please forgive her again,i will get more money later.”
  Lee uncle looks at Dai who has the same black eyes and hair,relaxing his voice:”you plead for her
every time,the money the u get is not enough to feed us.”Then he took a few kids out.





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