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The Goodness Death Ⅲ

Posted on: February 13, 2009

These people are on the bottom of the city.They can’t be called Thief,cause they make their life only
by pickpocket ting.While uncle Lee is the king of them.He have dozens of children,only one girl.They
all picked up by uncle Lee from the street.During these children,Dai is the most strongest one.Af the
first,uncle Lee took him in cause of his deft hands.This boy is always jolter-head.He even cant say
a sentence fluently without knowing his name.He is too stupid to learn the skill of scrounge quickly.
Dai seems to be stupid,but he persists in everything.In order to train his skill,he even use his
finger to poke the snow.

  When walking in the street ,noone will notice a boy with no specical face.But just one second,their
wallets are all in Dai’s hand.From then on, Dai become to be uncle Lee’s favorate child.Uncle Lee gives
him one or two steamed bread,other children all envy him.Dai is stolid,but he is a kind man.He always
give others the steamed bread even he is hungry too.While the other accompaniers dont appreciate him
,on the contrary they always play tricks on him ,even rob his food.

  The girl named little girl was taken by uncle Lee one year ago.Hearing from her, she lived with an
old grandma.The life was hard,but she could eat her fill and wear warm.But one year ago, the grandma
died cuz of the sick,So the little girl had no living expenses.She had to beg for life.Unlce Lee took
her cuz of her grandma’s house.On the contrary of Dai,she learned everything fast.But she was too goodness to be a thief.Because of this she suffered beating for many times.And every time Dai helped her,as time went by,they became friends.





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