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Right wing of AngelⅠ

Posted on: February 17, 2009

When I was a child ,my mom told me,went to the highest floor of heaven-the 7th heaven.Because If I live there,I will have unlimited power and potency.
Yes,I’m an angel,a lowest angel.In my race,you can see the level of our wings.We have 3levels,the lowest level , only have 2 wings ,and the different colours express the different status,gold is better than white,and gray is the worest colour.Then the second level have 4wings,the highest one have 6wings.In the heaven ,there are about billions of angels,but only less than 100 angels have 6wings .Maybe common angels never see their faces in their whole lives.Because they live in the highest heaven–Arabot,the lower angels can’t step into the area.
And I’m the 2 gray wings angel.
Although my mom told me to go to the highest floor of heaven,but I knew she just wanted me give a aim to live. My mom dead in the war with devils.I became an orphan.I didn’t know who is my dad,my mom never told me .And I never asked her,but now, if I asked her ,she won’t answer me.
I’m 200years old,it’s time to go to school.Our angels’ age is much different with human’s,the low-level angels are 1000year old,and the second level’s are 3000year old,the highest don’t have the age limit,in another word,gifted with immortality.
I don’t have enough money to go to school,although I’m an angel,but I still have the problem to live.I don’t have gold ,how dull it seems ,angels also have the money problem.I’m an poor angel,I think.
But if I don’t go to school,I Can’t become a real angel,I’m an pray angel and the skill is fire.
As the day approached,I have an idea.

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