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The goodness Death Ⅳ

Posted on: February 19, 2009

When uncle Lee diappeareed at the corner of the street,the little cries.Dai  cleans his snot and

claps her shoulders,saying:”Dont cry,little girl.Hurt,right?
  After a while,the little stops crying and looks up at Dai,”Dai,living, is too painful!”
  Dai doesnt understand her meaning absolutely.He takes out a steamed bread which is as hard as a

stone,”little girl, eat this.It will not be painful anymore when you are full.”
  Little girl looks at this bluntness and sincere boy,taking the steamed bread,”Dai,why u treat me so

  Dai pulls little girl to sit at the corner and takes off his clothes to cover their shoulders,saying
naively”Did i treat u so well?Eat this steamed bread quickly,then you wont feel cold any more.I need

to  steal some money to hand in.”
  The little separates the steamed bread and give a half to Dai.
  Dai swaloows the slobber and says:”I,I am not hungry.You eat this all.”
  The little girl puts the steamed bread in Dai’s hand,”My stomach is too small, i cant eat this up.”
  Dai eats the steamed bread too fast that he was choke up by it.The little puts some snow in his

mouth .Dia tries to thaw the snow into water.
  The little girl says,”Dai,when i grow up, can i marry u ?”
  Dai stupefies for a while,”what does marry mean?”
  The little girl says,”marry,that means i will be your wife and look after you a whole have
promised me ,you cant regret!From now on, I m your Dia’s fiancee,you should treat me well!.”





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