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The Goodness Death Ⅴ

Posted on: February 26, 2009

Dai says,”Fiancee?oh,ok, i will share more steamed bread with you”.
The little girl rolls her eyes with no words
‘Little girl,plz stop.”A shout comes out behind them.
They turned around,there is a gorgeous carriage.An old woman shows her face via the window of the

carriage.The little girl knows her,she is the woman that she gave the money back.
“The little girl, is that you?”That woman smiles and comes down with the help of the servant.She

dresses in magnificent.
The little girl says cravenly,”what is the matter,madam?”
Dai thinks the woman may do something bad to the little girl,he stands in front of the she,watching

out for the woman.
The woman says with smile,”kids, dont be afraid.Little girl u gave the money back to u, i havent

thanked you yet.dont you feel cold with wearing so thin clothes?”
“It doesnt matter, your package was stolen by me.”
Dai is scared,he is stupid but he knows the result of stealing things.He covers her mouth.
“Why did u give my money back?”
The little girl says,”I found you were very hurry,so I gave it back to you.Plz dont beat him.If you

are angry,just beat me.”
“You must be a honest girl,i know,you dont want to steal things,right?what about your parents?”
The little girl’s eye socket turns red,”I dont have parents,i am a orphan.
“You shouldnt suffer these as a good girl.come on, let me see you.”
The little girl feels that her life may change by this woman, she comes to her.
The old woman takes out a white handkerchief and cleans the little girl’s face,”Do you want to go

with me?I can offer you the wonderful life and education.”
The little girl asks,”can you take Dai too?”
“No,he is not a honest boy,i cant.i only can take you.It is cold herebe fast.”
The little hesitates for a while.she looks at the carriage and the old woman,then Dai.She says”ok, i go with you.”

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