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Michale looks at us,exquisite cheek likes rose.
  He walks near us ,then he says a sentence, I feel the color flamed up in my cheek,he says,”You

can’t hurt him ,he belongs to me .”Then he holds my hand ,before the 2 angels say any words.
  I walk follow him and endure others’ eyes.
  When we go to a corner,I shake his hand off and say,then knead my inflamed wrist.
  He stops and leanes against the wall,the oblique rays of the sun makes him so charming.I softly

clear my throat,”Thank you for your help.”
  He smiles and says,” Never mind.Because you are mine.”
  I’m sure my cheek  likes an apple ,I change the subject,”umm,it’s very late, I have to go .”
  He raises his arm and gets in my way.
  “Do you want to tell me you have forgotten your words?”He screwes up his eyes and purses up his

  I raise my head ,he is so tall,I only come up to his chin,from this point of view, I just can see

his perfect side face.
  “No, I don’t.”I whisper and hang my head,he is so shine.
  He leanes over and whisperes,”You look good taste,did anyone tell you?”
  I watch him with wide eyes.The air is fulled of breath of intimate.
  “Oh, look who is here.”A soft voice breaks the  awkward situation .
  “Raphael,you come at a very inconvenient time.”Micheal looks through half-closed eyes.
  I look up .


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chinese tattoo is becoming more and more popular in the world.ppl think its very cool to tattoo on their bodies.actually many tattoo makers r really good at puncturing the bodies.
  tattoo has been known and practised in China for many years. But it was never considered to be something artistic, desirable, or even acceptable. A commonly held notion is that one’s body is a precious gift from the parent and therefore should never be abused or defaced by a tattoo.
  the most famous tattoo in chinese history was made in the body of Yue Fei.Yue Fei was a famous general in the South Song Dynystry. When he served under a Field Marshal defending the enemy from the North, The Field Marshal went over to the enemy. Disgusted, Yue Fei resigned and returned home to care for his mother.
  His mother was displeased, and lectured him that a soldier’s first duty is loyalty to his country. To be sure that the admonition will never be forgoetten, she tattoo the words on his back!
Yue Fei went back and led another army to defend the country. The first word, from the left, means the most, the ultimate.The second word means loyalty.The third word means to serve. The fourth word means country.
  many foreigners like punctruing dragon and phoenix on their backs,arms and legs.they think this could protect them from suffering or disaster and bring happiness for them.i know an american man who has three dragon tattoos on his back and legs.he showed these tattoos to me and told me he loved these dragon tattoos.he thought they were very cool and powerful.
  but now there r also some funny tattoos on foreigners who dont understand chinese words very american girl punctured a chinese word “鸡” on her arm!i dont know y she chose this word if she knew this word in chinese sometimes means “bitch” she would cry:(
  another European man has a tattoo on his back with these four words “这是文身”!omg!i think maybe the tattoo maker was intended to make ppl happy!hahahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!



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Seven-day and San-Faloria,are the best schools in heaven,Seven-days teaches battle angels,San-Faloria teaches pray angels.The schoolmaster of San-Faloria is Raphael,the wind angel, bland and polite.In opposite,the schoolmaster in Seven-days is the stronget battle angel-Michael.
It means I was in his bag,as his pet.
I do my best to avoid him,so lucky,he doesn’t ask angel to find me.
In fact,go to seven-days just a step to realize the goal.If I sacrifice myself, it’s unworthy.
It is a routine day,I go to libray to find some books about fire incantation.
“Hey,man.”I am confronted by 3 angels.”I hear you enticed highness Michael,do you grow up in bagnio?”They laugh presumptuously.
“Enough?Get out of the way .”I don’t have time to spaek to them.
“What?!Don’t you want to live?”They shout and want to pitch into me with fists flying.
I am so afraid ,so I close my eyes.
“Stop.”not too loud,but very prestigious.
“Highness Michael.”These two angels make a salute.

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its very easy to double opening.there is a file called it and u will find a element.exe(Eight Diagrams icon).double click and click two menus at the same double opening is finished.three opening or 4 opening could be done in the same way. 
  now lets discuss the compound equipment(lvl30+).of course its only my own opinion.we just agree to diagree.
1,buy 5 same weapons but only use 4 of them.set +1 to each one with LQ and then put them on the second,third division of the fourth line and the last two divisions of the third line.mission success rate is about 75%.
2,we use amulet rush +2.start from the fourth line and then the third line.this mission success rate is around 65%.
3,use benefics amulet rush +3.start from the last division of the third line(otherwise put one to it) and then the fourth line.the success rate is 80%.
4,put stuffs at the last division of the third line.after this add +4.generally,u will have 2 stuffs of +3 rush +4 with jade(first affuse the fifth with junk amulet till fail).the success rate is 80%.
5,rush +5 with jade(affuse as above) and then +6(affuse as above),+7.put them to the second line of left bottom.(dont need affuse for the failing rates r the same).if this fail,repeat the whole process again.



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“poop”,Uncle Lee hits down the wallet in the Dai’s hand,cursing,”Shit!Waste so much food!She hasnt reward me!Damn it,why did you stop her”?Uncle Lee kicks Dai down,walking in the house.
Dai crouches on the ground painfully,he doesnt understand why uncle lee kicked him, it was not his fault!The words that little girl said to him when she was leaving.
The other children are all eating the leftover food and talking about the whole day’s story.When Dai remembers that he didnt eat anything a whole day,there is nothing left!He misses the little girl very much.What the little girl said is right,living is painful.
The second day morning,uncle lee gives Dai a steamed bread.When he eats it up, he has to begin to steal.
Dai feels cold when it snows.Walking in the street slowly,Dai is wondering,when he can be taken by an old woman like the little girl.He can be satisfy with full of steamed bread.Is the little girl living well?does she have steamed bread everyday?
Dai sees a strange person with a big cloke.His face cant be seen from outside.But it seems there is a big wallet shaking under the cloke.Dai decides he is the first aim today.Dai follows him,taking out a knife from his belt.
The guy with the big cloke walks into a splendent restaurant with glasses roof.Dai thinks he must have a lot money to have a dinner here.Dai becomes happy,if he can get more money to give to uncle lee,maybe uncle will give him a lot of steamed bread.He squats at the conner of the door to wait with patience.
“Go away.Damn beggar!”The guard of the restaurant kicked Dai reluctantly
Dai is used to this kind of snob,go away to find a dark conner to squat.

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  I have stayed here 3days,but angels never lack of time.Everything comes to him who waits,I see him

in the 5th day.He rides a white sky horse,fire red hair in waist-length style,fell over his

cheek,pretty but also very majestic.Wearing a white robe with gold rims,immaculate,don’t like a battle

angel.His cheek is very fair,more smooth than the marble statue.These Archangels are feather-

bedded,the battle angel is without exception.
  I walk near him,it’s time to carry out my plan.
  “Stop!”2 angels beside him shout.
  “Who are you?”Michael lookes at me .
  “Me?Just an angel in the shadows.”I smile and see my form in his green eyes.
  “What you wish to see me about?”He is a little confusing.
  “Just want say a sentence.”
  “oh?”His eyebrows with raised upward tip of the brows .
  I walk near him and said,”Let me go to school.”
  Smile climbS the corners of his mouth,” If I help you,what I can get?”
  I whisper,”You can get–me.”
  He is a little shocked,but he laughes soon,”You are so confident,OK,I promise.”
  Then he turn back and ride his sky horse,”Go to Seven-days after 3 days and remember what you said

  I get the chance ,but I also know what I lost.



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 since Antiquity human beings saw too many ferlies.thundering and lightning,fierce storm,afflictions made a land swarming with disaster victims.people have no idea to prevent these ppl thought that there are many kinds of celestial beings on the empyrean and also lots of monsters in the hell.
so the saying of celestial is popular among human beings.millions of people create more and more celestials according to their thought and worshiped these super beings.they poured out their troubles and pray for more weals.
  All people will die.however all of us hate death and wanna live for ever.wat’s more there r too many sayings about hell.this bring more pains for ppl.
  Comparing with other livings,people r weaken on body.but its no doubt that we human beings r the primates of all livings.generations tried their best to search the way to live longer.
  Tho people havent found the real amrita,there r some sages have mastered some super power.they shaked the earth and heaven with the power of all kinds of dharma-vessels.
  Wats more,ppl thinks there r some great ancestors have lived more than 1000 years.humans think someones may get the great Tao and became more and more people set their feet into meditative cultivation.
  China has a huge area.but only the central plain is loamy enough for human beings to live.more than 80% people lived around here.but the southeast and the northwest r too barren to live.too many animals and raptors.very few people lived there.
  Till now there r too many people who train the great Tao.but there r many different kind of ways to train the Tao.tho the way of living forever hasnt been found,different kinds of factions came out.they fought with each other and killed. 
  Zhang Xiaofan,who is one prentice of the first right faction was not tolerated by fellows for his loving with temptation king’s daughter help him,Biyao was hit by the master of Qingyun and join the HEAVEN factions.then she became a malicious spirit.another female Lu Xueqi who also loved Zhang Xiaofan is one prentice of Qingyun factions.
  When they deadlock with each other,all the animals and monsters ran out of their caves and invade the central land.many people were wound and died.and most of them have no bones left.Daoists aver that nature does not authorize or endorse any particular social dao.
  Whether Zhang Xiaofan could find the way to rescue Biyao?whether the right and evil factions would fight with monsters together?the key is in ur hand!lets enter the magic celestial world and start the new adventure! 



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