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The background story of ZhuXian

Posted on: March 4, 2009

 since Antiquity human beings saw too many ferlies.thundering and lightning,fierce storm,afflictions made a land swarming with disaster victims.people have no idea to prevent these ppl thought that there are many kinds of celestial beings on the empyrean and also lots of monsters in the hell.
so the saying of celestial is popular among human beings.millions of people create more and more celestials according to their thought and worshiped these super beings.they poured out their troubles and pray for more weals.
  All people will die.however all of us hate death and wanna live for ever.wat’s more there r too many sayings about hell.this bring more pains for ppl.
  Comparing with other livings,people r weaken on body.but its no doubt that we human beings r the primates of all livings.generations tried their best to search the way to live longer.
  Tho people havent found the real amrita,there r some sages have mastered some super power.they shaked the earth and heaven with the power of all kinds of dharma-vessels.
  Wats more,ppl thinks there r some great ancestors have lived more than 1000 years.humans think someones may get the great Tao and became more and more people set their feet into meditative cultivation.
  China has a huge area.but only the central plain is loamy enough for human beings to live.more than 80% people lived around here.but the southeast and the northwest r too barren to live.too many animals and raptors.very few people lived there.
  Till now there r too many people who train the great Tao.but there r many different kind of ways to train the Tao.tho the way of living forever hasnt been found,different kinds of factions came out.they fought with each other and killed. 
  Zhang Xiaofan,who is one prentice of the first right faction was not tolerated by fellows for his loving with temptation king’s daughter help him,Biyao was hit by the master of Qingyun and join the HEAVEN factions.then she became a malicious spirit.another female Lu Xueqi who also loved Zhang Xiaofan is one prentice of Qingyun factions.
  When they deadlock with each other,all the animals and monsters ran out of their caves and invade the central land.many people were wound and died.and most of them have no bones left.Daoists aver that nature does not authorize or endorse any particular social dao.
  Whether Zhang Xiaofan could find the way to rescue Biyao?whether the right and evil factions would fight with monsters together?the key is in ur hand!lets enter the magic celestial world and start the new adventure! 



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