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chinese tattoo

Posted on: March 10, 2009

chinese tattoo is becoming more and more popular in the world.ppl think its very cool to tattoo on their bodies.actually many tattoo makers r really good at puncturing the bodies.
  tattoo has been known and practised in China for many years. But it was never considered to be something artistic, desirable, or even acceptable. A commonly held notion is that one’s body is a precious gift from the parent and therefore should never be abused or defaced by a tattoo.
  the most famous tattoo in chinese history was made in the body of Yue Fei.Yue Fei was a famous general in the South Song Dynystry. When he served under a Field Marshal defending the enemy from the North, The Field Marshal went over to the enemy. Disgusted, Yue Fei resigned and returned home to care for his mother.
  His mother was displeased, and lectured him that a soldier’s first duty is loyalty to his country. To be sure that the admonition will never be forgoetten, she tattoo the words on his back!
Yue Fei went back and led another army to defend the country. The first word, from the left, means the most, the ultimate.The second word means loyalty.The third word means to serve. The fourth word means country.
  many foreigners like punctruing dragon and phoenix on their backs,arms and legs.they think this could protect them from suffering or disaster and bring happiness for them.i know an american man who has three dragon tattoos on his back and legs.he showed these tattoos to me and told me he loved these dragon tattoos.he thought they were very cool and powerful.
  but now there r also some funny tattoos on foreigners who dont understand chinese words very american girl punctured a chinese word “鸡” on her arm!i dont know y she chose this word if she knew this word in chinese sometimes means “bitch” she would cry:(
  another European man has a tattoo on his back with these four words “这是文身”!omg!i think maybe the tattoo maker was intended to make ppl happy!hahahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!



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